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Objectives of continuous development, implementation of innovation and modernization are always of high priority for LLP KIRG.

Current technology is used in the performance of work.

PBU-2 Multipurpose drilling rig with mechanical drive of floating spindle is meant for drilling of engineering-geological, seismic, hydro- andexploration, as well as boreholes of different purpose in the performance of construction works.

Company has three units of these equipment which are rigged on the KAMAZ43114 cross-country vehicle.

Cone penetration test unit
CPT unit 15/36used for cone method in accordance withGOST 19912-2001SOILS. Static and dynamic penetration field test methods.
Company has two units of these equipment which are rigged on the KAMAZ43114 cross-country vehicle.

B 20/100 Drilling rig
Self-propelled drilling rig because of the light weight and dimensions can be used in hard-to-get-at places (waterlogged, built-in sites where it is impossible perform drilling operators by the units rigged on the chassis, waterlogged sites with water depth up to 0,50m). B 20/100 unit was manufactured in Germany and satisfy European standards.

Technical specification Floating equipment

Characteristic of floating equipment for makeshift drilling rig:
Objective Location of makeshift drilling rig (MBU) -20/100 for geological works at water basins with depth of water from 0,40 up to 6 meters, wind force up to 5 numbers in Beaufort scale and wave height 3% provision not above 1,2 meters.
Type nonself-propelled floating equipment (PTS) catamaran type with four jack stands.
PTS was designed and manufactured for makeshift drilling rig 20/100, OJSC Astrakhan Design Engineering Bureau, This PTS is simple to maintain and transportation, as dismountable it can be relocated not only by water but also automobile, railway transport.

Navigation regime is from April to October.

Vibratory drilling aggregate Vibration drilling unit
It is meant for drilling of vertical boreholes by vibration percussion-cable drilling at mineral placer exploration, engineering-geological survey in the rocks of I-IV drillability index. Unit is rigged on the -308(44) cross-country vehicle.

LLP KIRG uses modern geodetic equipment.

ELECTROMAGNETIC GEAR ERA-MAX , with the help of ERA-MAX resolves the following types of objective:

- engineering survey for construction and investigation of active pipelines, roads, hydraulic structures;
- search and exploration of mining and non-metallic mineral resources fields;
- ecology;
- archeology;
- investigation of building foundations and underground network of municipal services.

LLP KIRG have unique soil laboratory, second to none in Kazakhstan. Laboratory is working according to GOST and S standards. Modern equipment, made in CIS countries and far abroad are installed in the laboratory.